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In 2015, Uber hired Quinn Thomas to help the company overcome Portland’s complex political culture. Its primary obstacle: “incumbent providers” who wield influence over decision-makers controlling changes to for-hire transportation regulations. As Uber’s public relations agency, we were charged with helping generate support for allowing the innovative ridesharing app to operate in the Rose City.


  • Quinn Thomas created media buzz to drive conversations early on and sway perception of the Uber brand among Portland residents.
  • We targeted key members of the local government, providing them with evidence of public support.
  • We implemented an “always on” public relations campaign to continue touting Uber’s story and its positive community partnerships.


  • For the launch of Uber in Portland, Quinn Thomas secured the lead story on local newscasts and dominated newspaper and editorial page coverage for several days.
  • We also strategically placed op-eds in print publications and letters from key constituencies landed in the inboxes of the Mayor and City Councilors.
  • Quinn Thomas secured local partnerships focused on public safety and alternative transit with Mothers Against Drunk Driving and the Bicycle Transportation Alliance.

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May 2, 2016