Meet our experts

Quinn Thomas brings together a diverse group of marketing and communications professionals, united by a common goal to deliver outstanding results for our clients. Get to know us – we look forward to working with you.

Alexes Jones, in black top, with long black hair, smiling.
Account Executive,
Multicultural Marketing
Account Manager, Public Affairs
Ana Naranjo in white blazer, smiling.
Senior Account Executive
Andrew Whitman smiling in a black tie and jacket.
Assistant Account Executive,
Public Affairs
Account Manager
Deborah Warren, in black and white polka dot dress, smiling.
Multicultural Marketing & Communications Manager
Partner and Co-Founder
Dylan Brown, in glasses and blue blazer, with his arms folded.
Account Manager,
Public Affairs
Visual Designer
Erin Tassey Krug, in magenta top and dark blue jacket, smiling.
Hailey Swalley, in black top with long blonde hair, smiling.
Account Manager
Kaitlin Nguyen with long black hair, in checkered black shirt, smiling.
Account Executive
Kristin MacRostie, with long, dark hair in black top, smiling.
Vice President,
Michelle Gallup, with long, dark hair and denim top, smiling.
Creative Director
Rebecca McAuliffe, in magenta top, smiling.
Strategic Programs
Rick Thomas, in pink button down shirt and dark jacket, smiling.
Partner and Co-Founder
Sarah Ninivaggi, with long brown hair, and grey top, smiling.
Vice President,
Tommy George, in glasses and black vest, smiling.
Office Administrator
Assistant Account Executive