Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Driving lasting change

Quinn Thomas believes that our work can drive meaningful and lasting change. Our team is committed to building an agency culture that embraces diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), both internally and through our client work. We believe this work is not just important in and of itself, but also betters our business and those of our clients.

Our Commitments

We cultivate an employee culture that celebrates our differences, values fair treatment, access and opportunity for everyone.

We encourage consistent education and engagement around issues that impact marginalized groups.

We ensure a DEI-centric mindset shows up in our internal processes and our external work.

We use our skills to contribute to a more equitable and just society.

How we stay accountable

Our internal DEI committee keeps us accountable with achievable annual goals, facilitates DEI training by experts and community leaders, and refines our hiring and management practices to embrace DEI principles. Our creative team continuously improves our design standards to be inclusive for a wide range of audiences, abilities, geographies and languages.

Bringing DEI to life through our work

Investing in meaningful community partnerships

Quinn Thomas values our multi-year partnership Emerging Leaders PDX — a program that matches aspiring professionals of color in Oregon and Southwest Washington with paid internships. The program boosts racial and cultural diversity in the Oregon business community. 

Our pro-bono work with Project Access Northwest, a Seattle-based nonprofit, refreshed their organizational messaging. As a critical safety net for those with unmet health needs in the state, including under or uninsured individuals, we helped distill their story into a unified brand message. 

It’s essential to collaborate with diverse communities to best understand their needs. We host experts to educate our team throughout the year like Urban League of Metropolitan of Seattle and Centro Cultural de Washington County who shared their work and the best ways for companies to meaningfully engage with community partners. 

We are also a corporate signatory for the Diversity Action Alliance, a coalition of public relations and communication leaders joining forces to accelerate progress in the achievement of meaningful and tangible results in diversity, equity and inclusion across our profession, starting with communicators of color.

Honoring our communities

Quinn Thomas, with offices in Lake Oswego and Seattle, would like to acknowledge that we occupy the ancestral and traditional Lands of the Tualatin (Atfalati) band of the Kalapuyan Tribe, the Clackamas bands of the Upper Chinook; and the traditional land of the first people of Seattle, the Duwamish People in Washington, past and present. We honor with gratitude the land itself and the tribes native to this land.