Renovate Your Brand: 3 Signs Your Organization Needs to Rebrand

Quinn Thomas has been a trusted agency in the Pacific Northwest for over 14 years. We are proud of where we started and how we’ve evolved into the agency we are today. Like many organizations, the last three years of unprecedented change helped us look inward and assess our brand. We are not alone. Since 2020, 75% of companies have undergone a rebrand.1

An organization’s brand encompasses capabilities, culture, the essence of the work and the people behind the scenes. A brand must evolve with an organization, which is why most consider rebranding once every 7 to 10 years with minor refreshes in between.2 However, the idea of a brand can feel nebulous at times. One way to think of it is akin to how we view our homes: a source of pride and reflection of our personality. An organization’s brand is no different. To understand when you should consider a rebrand, compare it to the process for renovating your home:

1. You need space to grow.

Much like your first home or apartment, sometimes you simply outgrow your brand. As companies serve evolving industries, expand capabilities and bring on new team members, their old brand needs to shift as well. Past perceptions based on existing brands can hinder clients from seeing and valuing your growth and the new skills you have to offer.

2. You are seeking greater functionality for your lifestyle and future goals. 

Brands are developed based on who the organization is and what they offer at that time. Do you notice your team is having trouble clearly articulating who you are and what you do? This may be a sign that your brand voice isn’t functioning as you need it to. If so, it might be time to take a step back and reshape your story based on who you are today.

3. You’re eager to have décor that matches your current style and personality.

It only takes an average of seven seconds for someone to form an impression of your brand so it better be impactful.3 Your visual brand should represent the culture, personality and people that embody your organization today, while encompassing the history of your brand. Just like home design, visuals build upon the “good bones” of a strong brand story.   

Deciding to rebrand is a major decision and one that shouldn’t be made lightly. Brands must be designed to stand the test of time so you can build loyalty and recognition for the audiences you serve. If you decide to take on a rebrand, below are three best practices to guide your process.

1. Identify why you are rebranding.

An important first step is to identify what is and isn’t working. Pull together core members of your team and ask: do our visuals feel outdated? Does our brand represent who we are today and how we plan to grow? Do our key messages articulate our services and value? Understanding the “why” will generate a strategy customized to your specific needs.

2. Take your time.  

Nothing will ensure a failed attempt more than rushing and skipping vital steps in the rebrand process. You would never put a new roof on a failing foundation or take down a wall without checking if it’s load bearing. A comprehensive rebrand generally takes six to nine months to get right. To ensure the outcome is effective, plan for an iterative process where you will assess multiple concepts and build in several rounds of review and discussion. Work with your team to allocate project management resources and build a realistic timeline. 

3. Include the entire staff.

Your brand represents every single person who works at your organization, not just the C-Suite. Engage the team by compiling preliminary input through an employee survey, gathering buy-in for the visual direction and seeking feedback at key milestones in the process. This will ensure a more thoughtful, inclusive and successful end product.

We are proud of the industry-leading work our team has accomplished over the years, which is why are excited to share the latest renovations to our brand that truly tell the story of who we are today and where we want to go. If it’s time for your organization to consider a rebrand, our team of creative and communications pros are ready to help you get started. 

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This blog was authored by Quinn Thomas Creative Director, Michelle Gallup.