SCCA Proton Therapy

Telling authentic patient stories of treatment and recovery to encourage action.


Amidst reporter furloughs and shrinking newsrooms, the need to find, tell, and amplify owned stories that move audiences is more important than ever. SCCA Proton Therapy Center was no exception as it sought to demonstrate the unique value of its cutting-edge cancer treatment.


Quinn Thomas partnered with SCCA Proton Therapy Center to help patients and their providers share their stories of treatment, care, and healing. Working in close partnership with the marketing team and providers, we identified and interviewed inspiring patients who wished to share their personal stories to help others. Following an interview with the QT team, patients reviewed and approved their stories prior to publication. Once final, stories were posted to the Center’s website, amplified during optimal engagement times on social, utilized as the foundation for digital advertising campaigns, and supported our team’s earned media efforts.


People want to see themselves in the stories they read. For those seeking treatment for specific types of illnesses, reading stories of people who’ve battled similar obstacles helps patients understand what they can expect and help feel less alone. All stories we write and publish are intended to lead our audiences to take action. That goal is even more important when it comes to people’s health and wellbeing.