CHI Franciscan Health

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To meet the urgent need for primary care physicians in Kitsap County, CHI Franciscan Health launched the Northwest Family Medicine Residency Program. As CHI’s communications agency of record, we were tasked with promoting the new program to CHI’s patient and healthcare influencers, using traditional and social media.


  • The team created an integrated strategic campaign centered around program milestones: program approval, national resident match day and the program start day.
  • We managed the public relations strategy, key messages, CHI spokespeople, third-party spokespeople, media targets and tactics.
  • A key tactic included the creation of two graphics to share with the press, on social media, and with employees. The program also utilized the materials in recruiting and education.


People want to see themselves in the stories they read. For those seeking treatment for specific types of illnesses, reading stories of people who’ve battled similar obstacles helps patients understand what they can expect and help feel less alone. All stories we write and publish are intended to lead our audiences to take action. That goal is even more important when it comes to people’s health and wellbeing.