Cascade Water Alliance

A water utility educates customers on conservation—and gardening


Water use spikes in the summer. Cascade Water Alliance, a water utility, hired Quinn Thomas to identify a clever marketing communication strategy and to educate customers about saving water while helping to maintain healthy Northwest gardens.


  • Quinn Thomas developed a series of short marketing videos designed to engage Cascade Water Alliance customers and educate them about water savings.
  • We worked with local experts and talent to develop storyboards and scripts. And then brought on a production crew to bring the concepts to life.
  • The team connected the videos to the Cascade Water Alliance brand and communication strategy. And we tied them into an ongoing public relations campaign we’d previously developed and launched.


As a result of the communication strategy, we delivered:

  • A 300% increase in views of video content on Cascade’s YouTube page.
  • Earned media placement on municipal channels in Cascade’s service area.
  • Expanded community partnership opportunities for Cascade.