What QT Loves About Oregon

by | Feb 14, 2017 | Blogs, Insights

Here at Quinn Thomas, we love being Oregonians, and we don’t think that it’s any coincidence that Oregon’s birthday happens to fall on Valentine’s Day. There’s so much to love about this state, so we thought we would share with you some of the things that we love most about Oregon. From its natural beauty to quirky towns and everything in-between, here’s what we love the most:


Viggo Thomsen soaking in the Pacific City scenery and smiling into our coastal winds.

Becca Thomsen:
The fresh air. Maybe it’s all the trees or how the weather filters in from the coast, but there is nothing better than a crisp Oregon day.

Zach Knowling:
My family made annual pilgrimages from Seattle to Cannon Beach. I have such fond memories of our time spent on the Oregon coast. Not to mention, saltwater taffy is one of my favorite candies and the Oregon coast, in my opinion, is the best place to get it.



Eugene, Oregon outside Autzen Stadium

Lauren Garetto:
As a recent University of Oregon graduate, what I love most about Oregon are UO sporting events. There’s nothing better than a fall day, seeing all the leaves change colors while walking to Autzen Stadium with my closest friends. Go ducks!



Mt. Hood

Rebecca McAuliffe:
I grew up in Oregon but spent many years living out of state. I think I had to leave to really appreciate all the state has to offer: natural beauty, mountains, beaches within an hour of Portland, great food and warm, friendly people. I’m grateful to be living back in the state I call home.



Badger family camping with friends.

Doug Badger:
I love enjoying a good IPA on a rainy Portland day surrounded by friends and family. When I’m not in Portland though, I love to take advantage of the great outdoors with my kids like hiking the Willamette National Forest, crabbing in Nehalem Bay and skiing on a sunny, spring day on Mt. Hood.


Rick Thomas:
In Oregon, you are just a few hours away from everything. From towering rain forests to the high desert and snow-capped mountains to scenic beaches and a bustling cities we have it all. Oh, and Oregon has a great birthday, we have that in common.



Sunset view from the beach

Zach Hyder:
There are a lot of little things that make Oregon a truly unique place to live. It’s where “Stand By Me” (one of my favorites) was filmed. It’s home to world-class pinot noir. But one of my favorite memories about growing up here was watching summer meteor showers on the Oregon coast with my dad. There is nothing cooler than hearing the ocean at night while learning about constellations.