Case Study

Washington Health Care Authority:

Sparking interest in behavioral health careers


Washington state is experiencing a significant shortage of behavioral healthcare workers, so Quinn Thomas was engaged to help the Washington Health Care Authority build awareness and increase interest in these careers. Due to the growing demand for services and the urgency to fill large-scale vacancies across the state, we were tasked with researching, developing and quickly launching a multi-phase campaign to reach those interested in a variety of career paths.


Quinn Thomas led research to gather insights about recruitment barriers and to determine which audiences were most likely to transition to a behavioral health role: 18 -35 year-olds entering the job field, or looking to transition to a new, fulfilling career. We developed an integrated marketing communications strategy, mapped audience personas and implemented tactics to drive our target audiences to a comprehensive website.

Based on our research, we developed the theme: “Outcomes that matter,” to appeal to our target audiences’ desire to make a difference. We curated vibrant creative showing various behavioral health care settings, which we evolved over time to include real behavioral health care workers. By capturing personal testimonials, we highlighted workers’ real stories, the many benefits of this field, and the range of career opportunities at all levels of the educational spectrum.

Reaching BIPOC and bilingual job seekers was a top priority to ensure a diverse representation of professionals matching the communities being served. With this in mind, we developed campaign assets and placed ads in both English and Spanish, focusing on the Hispanic community in Eastern Washington.

Our marketing channel mix for this campaign included a targeted mix of tactics to reach our digital-focused audiences, including streaming, social, display, programmatic video and more.

Central to the campaign is a landing page,, that aggregates engaging career resources. The landing page is offered in both English and Spanish and serves as the nucleus of the campaign to. drive visitors to sites to learn more about and apply to roles in Washington.


Our phase one and two efforts have exceeded campaign benchmarks and Quinn Thomas is preparing for phase three of the campaign. Tactics to date have generated:


total campaign impressions


website sessions


completed video views

Services provided for this project:

  • Digital marketing
  • Creative services
  • Brand strategy
  • Web development
  • Communications strategy

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