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What is “digital governance”?

Millennials are striving to deconstruct and redesign how we all engage with our political systems. Learn how they are doing this through innovations in technology, communication, and entrepreneurship – and it will have a lasting impact on how we govern.

Lazy? Or Impatient Ambition?

Where some see a sense of self-entitlement, this emerging group of leaders see new ways of moving us forward and tackling complex problems in new ways. Read some new guidance on the generational gaps that exist in how millennials work and approach complex problem solving.

What is public service?

While previous generations viewed public service as what they could do for their country, millennials see public service as how they will change the course of history through business, philanthropy, and technology.

Millennials v. Millennials

We looked closely at how this generation views itself – and their peers. We found that there’s disagreement among millennials on everything from cultural values to their similarities with Baby Boomers.