Quinn Thomas Makes List Of Top PR Firms in 2014

by | Aug 25, 2014 | Blogs, Insights

This year, we marked five years in business. It’s incredible to think that in those few short years we can say that our firm sits alongside some of our most respected peers in the public relations business.

When the Portland Business Journal released their rankings of the region’s top PR firms last week, it was gratifying to see us listed at #12.

Sure, we’ve got our sights on cracking the Top 10 in 2015. But then again we never set out to be the biggest, or the fastest-growing, or the firm with the highest billings.

We just set out to be the best.

So, to us, #12 means there’s room to grow, to expand, and to continuously improve. It means we get to keep working hard. Not lose our edge. To keep thinking of new ways to infuse the public debate with fresh perspectives on complex challenges.

Congratulations to our fellow ranking firms. Many are long-standing friends and collaborators. Thanks for giving us something to keep working toward in the years ahead.

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