Promoting International Trade in Oregon

by | Oct 17, 2013 | Blogs, Insights

Oregon trade can be a hot-button issue and one that is easily misunderstood. Community and business leaders who want to promote it as an economic development priority need to make sure the public is getting the facts on why it’s critical to our way of life.

While international trade is undeniably critical to the Portland / Vancouver economy, we’ve found that the broader public often doesn’t make the connection between trade and the good jobs it provides.

To help elevate this issue, we worked with the Portland Business Alliance, Port of Portland and trade advocates to release new information about the broad economic impact trade has on our region of Oregon and Washington.

The studies detailed the importance of trade at a macro-economic level (volume and value of trade, higher wages in trade-dependent jobs, key products and markets), the economic impact of Oregon trade in the Portland harbor, and the value of supplier relationships between large harbor businesses and the smaller businesses in the region that support them.

We took this information to the editorial boards of some key regional newspapers, which resulted in an editorial from the Portland Tribune.  We also had a profile of the study air on KGW the evening that the report was released.