Introducing U.S. markets to a revolutionary new way of green building with innovative wood technology


Forestry is a foundational part of Oregon’s cultural heritage and the rural economy. The recent in-migration to the Pacific Northwest has brought dramatic growth in the technology sector. With that influx comes a new population of urban residents lacking familiarity with legacy industries like wood products.

How can these cultures co-exist – or, perhaps even work together?

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 9.03.28 AMMany policymakers, architects and real estate developers think they have an answer: cross-laminated timber, often referred to as CLT.
Layers of dimensional lumber made into an engineered wood panel, CLT can be used as an alternative to carbon-intensive building materials like steel or concrete. It is designed to form structural wood panels with exceptional strength, dimensional stability, and rigidity. It’s now possible to build taller residential and commercial properties out of wood.
CLT represents renewed hope for Pacific Northwest communities eager for greater economic opportunity.

This vision led Oregon-based D.R. Johnson Wood Innovations to become the first certified U.S. manufacturer of CLT. Last year, Quinn Thomas was hired to help the company gain market traction on the introduction of this product – managing branding, public relations, advertising, and digital communications for the company’s rollout of its product line.

Building Awareness of a New Building Material

This was a big challenge. D.R. Johnson Wood Innovations needed to do more than market a product. They needed to develop a market. That meant building awareness with policymakers, architects, developers, general contractors, financial institutions, and diverse stakeholders in real estate development.

Over the last year, our team has supported everything from market research and strategic messaging to the creation of the company’s new website dedicated to educating builders and architects about CLT wood products. Today, CLT is one of the most talked about issues in real estate and architectural design – garnering national media coverage, including an in-depth profile in Newsweek.

This popularity is growing as early adopters in the industry pave the way for its expansion. Our team continues to work with D.R. Johnson’s leadership, managing publicity and executing promotional events aimed at reaching regional business associations and policy influencers.